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You haven't seen a tree until you've seen it's shadow from the sky.

Amelia Earhart

Why Choose Us?


Modern Tech


Ayla Aviation Academy is committed to each cadet's training and to his/her future career. We spare no expense and overlook no detail to ensure our cadets get proper training, coaching and mentorship. In addition, we encourage a healthy and responsible lifestyle by arranging regular activities, sports, events and community service.

Our location in Aqaba allows us to fly year round, in an international, yet uncongested airport.

Some of the other main reasons to choose Ayla are listed below:


  • Highly capable and motivated ground and flight instructors and international, diverse workforce.

  • Camera-in-the-cockpit to record all flights.

  • Strict discipline policy to prepare our cadets for the airline environment.

  • Robust Quality System and Safety Management implementation.

  • Cloud based system of students’ records that can be remotely accessed by parents/guardians.

  • Rigorous Pilot Selection Exam for all applicants

  • Flying in two different airspaces (Jordan and Europe)

  • Limited Number of students for each program.

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