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Phillip Suyyagh 

ATPL/PPL Ground Instructor and Multi Crew Co-Operation instructor, MCCI

Captain Phillip started his career as a Fighter Pilot with the Royal Jordanian Air Force for 7 years then joined the Syrian Air as airline Captain for the next 22 years.


Afterwards Captain Phillip joined the Jordan Airlines Training and Simulation (JATS) for 12 years, simulator Instructor at the Royal Jordanian Air Academy for one year; Ground and MCCI at Mideast Aviation Academy for 5 years and has been with Ayla Aviation Academy since Feb 2013.


Captain Phillip has a total of 17,000 flying hours’ experience and over 16,000 simulator training hours.


Captain Phillip has an Aeronautical Diploma from (USAF), a certified Flight Instructor from FAA ATP, Check Airman and Fleet Captain on SE-210 and B-727 and a Simulator instructor and Check Airman on B-727 and A-310 MCCI.


As Ground Instructor, Captain Phillip has the teaching experience on the subjects of Principles of Flight, Human performance and Limitations, Operational Procedures, Airplane performance and Mass and Balance.

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