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Meet our Graduates

My name is Saleem Suheil Abu-Mariam from Jordan I graduated in 2009 course BRAVO.

Now I’m a senior first officer at Air Arabia, flying Airbus 320 with 2500 hours on type.

I have also benefitted a lot from the experienced captains we had in both ground and flying school who not only taught us flying but taught us ethics, punctuality and cockpit etiquette which help me a lot personally in my current job not to forget meeting cadets from different countries widened my knowledge in cultures.

My name is Marc Waked from Lebanon, graduated in 2013 - Course Romeo.

I learned from Ayla Aviation Academy how to take responsibilities, handle stress, be punctual, and be hard worker and always good looking.

All in all, I was an airline pilot but on a smaller dimension.

Currently, I am working as a First Officer in Wings of Lebanon and I am type rated on the Boeing 737.

My name is Mariam Majid from Bahrain and I am currently studying at Ayla Aviation Academy – Course Hotel.

Ayla is one of the best flight schools in the region, excellent standards and quality of training.
At Ayla, we are like a family where everyone works together to achieve their goals.

My name is Falak Raja and I am from Mumbai, India. After passing my High School in March 2015, I decided to follow my dream of becoming a pilot and joined Ayla Aviation Academy in October 2015. I am currently doing the CARC (Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission) integrated ATPL program at Ayla Aviation Academy.
I chose Ayla Aviation Academy for several reasons: Firstly, it came highly recommended from aviation professionals for its excellent and high training standards plus well-equipped training facilities. Secondly, being in Jordan, I felt closer to my home country India. Thirdly the Academy is situated in Aqaba, Jordan which is a great scenic place with mountains, sea, marine life and beautiful weather which supports year round flying without disruptions. Jordan has its unique culture and traditions. The local community here displays great hospitality and are always welcoming.
On my first visit to Ayla Aviation Academy, I absolutely fell in love with the positive, friendly and feel home atmosphere of the academy and its personnel. The best thing about the academy is
that everyone is highly motivating and always willing to help you by going that extra mile. One of the key principles of this academy is ‘Timekeeping’ which is the mark of a professional and ideal flight training organization.
In terms of Training, the Academy has a well-organized and sophisticated curriculum. Both flight and ground instructors are experienced with vast knowledge and skills and this in turn is imparted to the cadets. Each subject is taught and explained in detail with practical examples to relate it with aviation studies.
One thing I liked and which has personally helped me is, the instructor’s constant guidance, mentoring, patience and willingness to help the cadets gain the requisite knowledge, flying skills, confidence and in turn shape their personalities, to help achieve the goal of being future pilots.
I would like to recommend Ayla Aviation Academy to people who are serious about following their dreams of becoming a
pilot and are looking for a Flight Training Organization that is professional, has high industry training standards and is
value for money.

I chose Ayla Aviation Academy because of its exemplary reputation.

As a former RJ employee, I know how Ayla graduates are perceived by airlines and their pilots.

Ayla's team are also highly dedicated to their students. During my training process I failed so many times until I reached a point where I lost confidence, lost courage, and didn't want to carry on. It was Ayla's instructors who kept pushing me, guiding me, and leading me back on the right track.

To anyone interested in becoming a pilot, I would like to say, in Ayla it's not going to be easy, but it's going to be worth the hard work.


Thank you,


Being blessed flying A330s and A350s, passengers and cargo, literally across the corners of the globe.. Everytime I line up on a runway I remember my first take off in Ayla, my dear instructors and training that never failed to impress colleagues in the airline... which makes Ayla a very personal feeling to me..

Gossai Aljabri

Senior First Officer

Qatar Airways

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