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Requirements to Join Ayla Aviation Academy

The Basic Entry requirements to be accepted at Ayla Aviation Academy are the following:
  1. 17 years of age or above.
  2. General High School Certificate or an equivalent in any stream
  3. Good command of the English language
  4. First class medical certificate from a designated CARC examiner
  5. Passing Ayla’s Pilot Selection Test.
Ayla’s Pilot Selection Test:

For the benefit of our cadets, and in line with our vision of providing high quality training and
education, Ayla Aviation Academy has developed a five step Pilot Selection Test (PST).
The objective of this test is to evaluate the applicant’s areas of strength and/or development opportunities, and to identify any potential training risk. The process takes approximately 6 hours including breaks and can be done at our facilities in Aqaba, Jordan.

1. Height & Body Mass Index (BMI) Test. This is a cockpit test conducted if an applicant is
suspected not to be able to fully manipulate the aircraft controls based on his/her height and/or
Body Mass Index (BMI).

2. English Language Exam. Flight training is entirely in English as per International Civil Aviation
Organization (ICAO) regulations. Accordingly, this test is mandatory and designed to measure
the candidate’s ability to comprehend the lectures, books and instructions given.

3. Math & Physics Exam. Basic High school Math and Physics exams are required in order to
successfully complete the flight-training program. This test is designed for high-school level

4. COMPASS Aptitude Test. This is a computer based aptitude test designed to test the following
skills, which are essential for any aspiring pilot:
• Eye-hand coordination
• Multi-tasking
• Orientation
• Short-term memory.
The results of this test provide the candidate with a risk assessment showing the possible need for additional training beyond the syllabus requirements during flight training.

5. Panel Interview. This is conducted by senior Flight and Ground Instructors to measure the
candidate’s motivation and general personality, as well as answer any questions and address
any concerns the cadets may have.
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