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Meet The Team

Marwan M. Atalla

Founder & CEO

Ammar Yousef

President & Accountable Manager

Omar Madanat

Admissions Manager

Jamal F. Qumoq

Head of Training

Salah Hailat

Ground Instructor and Safety Management Systems’ Manager

Faris Kamhawi

Deputy Chief Flight Instructor

Omar Jahmani

Chief Flight Instructor & Flight Safety Officer

Feras Jarrah

Chief Ground Instructor

Phillip Suyyagh 

ATPL/PPL Ground Instructor and Multi Crew Co-Operation instructor, MCCI

“Mohammed Firas” Moughrabi

Mahmoud El-Dur

Flight Instructor

Flight Instructor

Hani El Dimassi

Ground Instructor

Malek Al Habahbeh

Flight Instructor

Ali Abdallah

Flight Instructor

Flight Instructor

Abdallah Qumoq

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