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Ayla's Student Accommodation


Ayla Aviation Academy provides fully furnished accommodation for cadets, approximately a 5-minute drive from the airport, and within walking distance from retail outlets.

Accommodation Exterior View
Living Room

Accommodation includes:

- Satellite TV
- Study Desk
- Air-conditioning
- Washer + Ironing Equipment
- Full kitchen with basic utensils
- Safety deposit box in each room.
- Equipped gym (free usage for cadets)

Price includes:

- Water and electricity bills up to specified limits as shown in the training contract.
- Housekeeping twice a week (floor and toilet cleaning only)
- Transport to and from the academy, in accordance to the transportation schedule.
- Maintenance due to normal wear-and-tear.

Price does not include:

- Tissues, napkins and other disposables and consumables
- Light bulbs
- Internet
- Damage to furniture & equipment due to misuse

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